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26 August, 2020

Happy International Dogs Day to all our four legged friends

Today marks an important day for millions of people and millions on man’s best friends – our dogs.

By Peter McCullagh

Chloe the Border Collie

Welcome to International Dog Day, August 26, the day to recognise all our dogs, both past and present.

I have had many dogs as pets: Laddie – the English Collie, Tiger the black bitsa, Rosa the insane digging German Shepherd, Bozo the, I don’t really know, just amazingly loyal and gentle, Blackie a very kind rescued dog and the best of all, Chloe my Border Collie.

Each and every one of these dogs has a special place in my memories and my heart.

Chloe was the one that took my heart totally and I miss her attentive intelligent manner. She would round up a basketball in the backyard for hours. We would walk every morning and afternoon, to bookend the day.

So to everyone out there, treasure your dog, take the time to treat and spoil them today, because August 26 is International Dogs Day and where would we be without them.

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