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23 April, 2021

Gazza's Goss: Totally FAB at the rattle and crank

LOVE or hate the old ‘rattle and clank’ it’s an essential part of life. Translating from cockney, I’m talking about your local bank, if it still exists.


Kelly Wilson, Gavin Holden (State Manager for QLD) Ella Cairns, Marley Cairns, Deb O’Donoghue, Lisa Russell, Angela Whittaker, Jodie Henley and Kieran Herlihy (Regional Manager)

In a world where customer service is generally courtesy of an overseas call centre or interaction with an online portal, it’s no surprise that banks around the world are reducing branches and expecting customers to interact via phone, tablet or PC.

Portal… what’s one of them I hear a few of you scream??!!!

Most of us still like to go face to face with a human, in a socially distanced COVID safe environment of course, and yes, we can wear masks legally when approaching our friendly bank teller. Just don’t take the ‘sawn off’ with you!!

I guess it makes management sense for bank ‘Big Wigs’ to push for the cheaper option to employ less team members and reduce branch rent costs. That’s progress, isn’t it?

It’s refreshing, therefore, to see that Bendigo Bank Branches exist in both Mossman and Port Douglas, however, alarm bells did temporarily sound in my head when I noticed that the Port branch was shut and empty.

I soon discovered this was only due to a branch location change to Macrossan Street and better still, I got an invite to the official opening.

DSC Nursery Technician Michael Sawyer

 Green Fingers will love a win-win situation!

As part of the Reef Assist Program, native coastal plants are ready and sprouting at Mossman Nursery, soon to take root and improve our coastlines. Furthermore, they will assist our region in seeing some ‘green shoots of recovery’ by providing jobs in Douglas Shire.

Local business, Papillion Landscapes, has been given the nod from council to deliver a coastal rehabilitation project and give local jobseekers hands-on horticultural

Douglas Shire Council has also employed a nursery technician, Michael Sawyer, to literally nurse the nursery plants and is developing Foreshore Management Plans for Wonga Beach, Newell Beach, Cooya Beach, Four Mile Beach and Oak Beach…..that S’andy!.... as this will help better identify how the natural character of the area can be managed.

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