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22 October, 2021

Gazza’s Goss: Get on boards the community bus

LAST week Gazza’s Goss discussed that that we should never lose faith in the human race.


Well yet again, I have another fine example of somebody keen to give back and help those who are a little less fortunate.

On this occasion, our community hero is Jimmy Gill from Excellence Coaches.

Let’s back track, to find out how Jimmy’s fine gesture has caught my attention.

Over the next three weeks, a Community Bus Service is being trialed out across the Douglas Shire to assist members of our community. 

It’s designed to help those who may find it difficult getting to certain venues like libraries, medical and community centres, or maybe simply going shopping.

For now, the service will only be available to people aged between 18 and 64 that, say, have a disability, chronic or mental health issue, financial difficulties, or simply live a little way out of town.

Bear with me, I will get back to Jimmy in a mo!!

This initial trial is a collaboration between TransitCare and Douglas Shire community service groups.

TransitCare, who recently opened an office in Cairns, provides transport and social services in Queensland to ensure that those in need can remain living independently within the community.

TransitCare has applied to the Department of Health for federal funding which may also eventually result in subsidised transport for those aged 65 and over.

There is a cost element and it initially became apparent that this type of community transport service, although needed, may not be financially possible.

When approached, most private operators declined to get involved, but this is when Jimmy Gill from Excellence Coaches stepped up to the plate.

With seven years of experience transporting people between Douglas and Cairns, Jimmy was keen to put back into the community and was happy to provide the service on a not-for-profit basis.

Jimmy sincerely hopes that the public will support this venture and that the service will become a permanent fixture. Good on-ya Jimmy!

The trial is by appointment only and the services future is partly dependent on how much it is used, so don’t be shy. Details can be obtained from Douglas Shire Council.

I love these stories, so why not send yours in to For now though, this is Gazza signing out.

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