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28 May, 2021

Gazza’s Goss: FNQ Footy, Give it a try

SPORT creates a sense of purpose, comradery and focus for our community. The emotional barometer rises with each win and plunges when our sporting teams lose.


Left to Right, Raymond, Bronson & Davin from the Mossman Port Douglas Senior Sharks team

There is no better example than rugby league which, in our very own Far North Queensland communities, plays an important role in assisting personal fitness, building self-discipline, confidence and best of all ,it brings kids and adults of all backgrounds together.

Being built like a pipe cleaner, it was always unlikely that I would excel in this much-loved game involving an odd shaped ball, and I didn’t!

My first real experience of rugby league, however, was at the home of Warrington Wolves, in North West England.

Passion for the greatest game of all, is as strong as anywhere else in the world.

The rainfall in Warrington is also not too dissimilar to parts of the Wet Tropics, basically wet, just colder. I’m pretty convinced I contracted trench foot during my three years just east of Scouser territory.

The Innisfail Leprechauns provided my first Down-Under encounter, played at the incredible facilities of Callendar Park, one of the best grounds in the region. (Apologies to the Tully Tigers, I have yet to see your new facility.)

The Leps were the top dogs at that time, under the guidance of legendary Ty Williams.

Apart from being an extremely nice bloke, close up he has forearms like pork legs.

Having since ventured further north, I have now adopted the Mossman Sharks as my team, and what a team.

Yes, the facilities aren’t as flash, and they do have all of the essential requirements, but boy the fans certainly have passion.

I recall a visit from the Yarrabah Seahawks a couple of years ago, whose fans were equally enthusiastic.

The atmosphere that day made an Origin match seem like an introvert’s tea party.

I’m still convinced to this day, that the upstairs bar floor was bending each time a cheer was emitted from the upper deck.

Mossman Port Douglas Senior Sharks fans have plenty to cheer about being the current Cairns District Rugby League ‘A’ Grade Champions, with both them and the Reserves team winning the season prior to COVID-19.

Their strength, speed and general team spirit is to be admired, along with the way they support their community and really give us all something to shout about.

With this pandemic slowly being shown the red card, it’s great to see these athletic heroes, from all our local towns, back on the field. With the new season underway, may the best teams win!

With the whistle about to blow, this is Gazza signing out.

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