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24 September, 2021

Gazza’s Goss: Dragons snare the silverware… again

WHEN somebody asks me ‘Seen the footy mate?’, my usual response is ‘Yeah mate, Chelsea played well!’


More likely, my sporting friend is talking about the Cowboy’s and not a game using a round ball, played in West London.

A further retort from my sporting chum may often be, ‘Oh, that’s soccer mate, not footy!’

For some strange reason, the use of the word soccer tends to make my heckles rise a little and my front teeth to curl cos, it’s Football!!

I guess it’s a Pommy Bloke thing, every young lad in England grows up kicking a ball around and the term Soccer is rarely used. It was more of an American thing, and what would they know about football? Well, these days, quite a lot, with even my beloved Chelsea being home to a top USA player.

There are various thoughts as to where the word soccer originated from, the general one being that it was formed in 19th Century Britain. So what am I whinging about? Again, it must also be a Pommy thing!

Call it whatever you wish, the fantastic news is that Douglas Shire is home to Douglas United Football Club, generally known as the Dragons and both the Senior and Junior teams have had amazing seasons.

The last few years has brought much silverware, with the seniors winning four league titles in a row, two out of the last three Grand Finals and two out of the last three Crad Evans Trophies against Townsville teams.

This year has brought some amazing statistics with the seconds team scoring over 100 goals, plus Jamie Gosling and Ramiro Vilar scoring 28 goals each, the highest in
the league.

All great football sides bring youngsters through the ranks and the Dragons are no exception. The U12s added to the trophy cabinet coming second in their division.

With two senior teams to manage for the first time in the club’s history and both teams playing in the finals this year, credit should go to new coach Christian Snell. 

All said, it’s unlikely the Dragons are going up in a puff of smoke any time soon!

Time to practice my dribbling skills, so for now it’s Gazza signing out.

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