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9 April, 2021

Gazza's Goss: An earful from Port's eye-sore

WELL just last week I encouraged all smartphone users to spend a little less time staring at their sheets of glass and start enjoy the wonders of our idyllic tropical surroundings.


‘ain’t exactly a mantlepiece item!’

Just by coincidence, we’ve seen a new addition to the Port Douglas skyline in the Craiglie, Fourmile Beach area.

Telstra’s new Mobile Telecommunications Facility is finally up, after originally being proposed in 2016.

The official site is the Department of Transport and Main Roads owned Road Reserve between Old Port Road and Port Douglas Road.

Health risks from mobile phone towers has long been discussed and to date there’s no strong evidence that exposure to these radio waves causes any noticeable health effects. But then again, probably cigarettes supposedly didn’t in the first half of the 20th Century.

There’s always a fine balance between the convenience of technology and not spoiling our environment.


Where do you stand with this?

Either way, the tower in my own words ‘ain’t exactly a mantlepiece item!’ I’m sure, however, a family of metallic starlings will find great pleasure in utilising the equipment for nesting purposes.


Council’s corner cutting exercise

Just kidding, but I have your attention now, read on and all will be revealed.

Changes are afoot in central Port Douglas with a key intersection getting a makeover.

Posh new tropical garden beds, better accessibility and improved traffic flow are among features earmarked for this Macrossan Street and Owen Street intersection upgrade.

The planned changes, due to start this financial year, will hopefully make life easier and safer for both walkers and drivers.

Unless you are one of those naughty people who like to use this location for a cheeky quick u-turn, as narrowing of the intersection will prevent this and corner cutting.


Pat on the back for business

I’ve been so impressed with businesses in Port Douglas and Mossman for showing their resilience and tenacity over the recent tough months. Either reinventing themselves or simply just hanging on in there, it has been amazing.

Better still, future signs are positive with the lack of overseas travel, Government subsidised air fares and Grey Nomads are champing at the bit to
head North.

Well done to the locals as well, for doing their bit!

Until next week though, it’s
Gazza signing out!!

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