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24 April, 2020

Five things you may not know about Cassowary Coast Mayor, Mark Nolan

It’s a long way from the from being a boiler maker with the South Johnstone Mill to the Mayoral office in the Johnstone Shire hall, but for the new Mayor the journey has been one of discovery and learning, surrounded by a close knit family. Although Mark has served publicly for a number of years there's a few little known facts that might surprise you about our Mayor.

By Peter McCullagh

Cassowary Coast's Team Nolan, Marsha and Mark Nolan

Timothy is actually Mark’s christian name. Timothy Mark Nolan. Always been called Mark. This has confused many residents over the years, and is a great pub trivia question.

 In the 1960s Mark served as an Altar Boy for 7 years. Both he and Marsha still practice strong faith at Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church in Innisfail.

 Mark’s NRL team is the Parramatta EELS. The mighty Blue and Yellow. A supporter for the past 50 years, Mark has enjoyed the heady heights of Parramatta in the 70s and 80s through to the tougher times more recently.

“There’s a bottle of Parra Port ready to crack when they win the next premiership.”

Unfortunately that bottle could be a vintage port by then.

 At times they can say that politics can be ‘dog-dirty’ however Mark takes that literally. As a greyhound trainer for more than 25 years, Mark has experienced success with the ‘dish-lickers’ in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns - including winning the Cairns Cup.

Mark did win Greyhound of the Year in 1979, although reliable sources did explain it was not Mark but actually Bill’s Galore that won (the greyhound’s name) and again in 2000 with Heads Together.

Both Mark and wife Marsha care for a retired greyhound,     Angry Alice who was successful in Brisbane from a few starts.

Marsha played an essential role in the greyhound Team Nolan, as catcher and Vet along with being a steadying influence on the trainer (Mark).

 Later this year, COVID-19 permitting the annual Mayor’s Challenge will be held. Atherton Roosers v Innisfail Leprechauns.

There will be divided loyalty in the Nolan household: Marsha being a former Atherton girl and still a mad-keen Roosters fan will be barracking for them, whilst Mark will be passionately cheering on the Leps.

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