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8 October, 2021

Earning less, giving more

AUSTRALIANS who earn less than $50,000 a year are motivated to work by helping others (27%), while higher earners fixate on financial security. A study into attitudes to work and community participation reveals changing priorities as household incomes grow.

The #whatsyourReason survey, part of My Pathway’s ambition to capture the top reasons that inspire Australians to work and participate in their communities, attracted hundreds of responses.

Participants were asked about their reasons for working, undertaking professional development, and getting involved in their community. Responses were then sorted by age, gender, state, and income.

The country’s lowest income earners were more than five times as likely than higher earners to be motivated by helping others in their employment. Regardless of income, the most important reason for working was financial stability (40%).

My Pathway Queensland State Manager Amanda Sophios said the drive to help others doesn’t waver, but for a lot of Australians, life gets in the way.

“As people’s income increases, they’re likely to take on more financial commitments such as a mortgage, new car or education. This may be why they value financial stability more than lower
income earners.”

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