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25 September, 2020

Creating a feeling of light and space in your bathroom

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two most renovated areas of any home, and can also be a deal breaker when it comes time to sell.

By Peter McCullagh

So what can be done to help you brighten up you bathroom and make it zing? 

White is the new black. White makes the space look bigger. 

White will reflect light and brighten all corners. White will work better than a mirror, but combining white walls and vanity, tiles and bath along with a mirror will open up that bathroom and give it room. 

If your bathroom is internal and lacks natural lighting, use glass. Glass lets light through, allowing all areas to be lit. Use accessories in your bathroom made from clear acrylic. 

These do not block light and also are less intrusive. Avoid solid vanity cupboards. Open vanities will work well. These will also challenge you to keep it tidy, something I struggle with. 

Use plenty of mirrors. 

Mirrors reflect light and give depth to a small room. Mirrors do not need to be placed at eye height, you could use mirrors instead of tiling around the foot of your bath. This will create additional feelings of space as well as light. 

Getting the lighting right is important. Have more than one light.

Lights around your mirror, downlight above you or even drop pendant lighting will work well. 

But it’s important to have variation is lighting styles. Consider the light globes you use, warm white or daylight, the colour of your globe with significantly change the emotion of the room. 

Create atmosphere with small colour. Adding a small, strong-foliage indoor plant will add colour and not intrude. This splash will brighten and add an additional dimension to the small room. 

 Use colour in your towels. Vibrant coloured towels will brighten and add a focal point to your bathroom. 

Towel storage can also be on-show, rolled neatly and stored under your open vanity. One of the best ways to gain ideas on bathrooms is to visit open homes. 

Look to see what others have done with their bathrooms. Be critical, look to see how bright and open it feels. 

Bathrooms traditionally are small spaces, so you need to work hard to make it work. Happy open home bathroom idea hunting, see you next week with ideas around the garden.

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