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8 October, 2021

Council completes culvert upgrades

TWO culvert upgrades have been completed, one on East Feluga Road and the other on Tully Gorge Road, improving drainage and minimising erosion.

The project involved removing and disposing of existing culverts that had experienced extensive deterioration after many years of service. The drains running alongside the roadways at the locations were natural earth, with some grass coverage and so provided very little erosion protection when downpours occurred. 

This project involved the installation of reinforced pipes with concrete headwalls and footings.  Larger culverts were installed to increase resilience for floods to pass in significant weather events. Consideration was given to the alignment of the new culverts to ensure they could handle the water flow and flood heights.

Stone pitching was implemented along the creek banks and road drains near the culverts to prevent erosion and sediment flows into the local waterways.

All improvements and upgrades to the culverts and drains are considered best practice environmental practices by improving water-flows and in turn, water quality in the catchment of the Great Barrier Reef.

The project was funded under CCRC capital works budget.

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