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24 September, 2021

Centenarian Elsa also Babinda’s longest resident

ELSA Sganzerla was just six months old when her parents migrated to Australia from northern Italy 99 years ago.

By David Gardiner

Front row: David Sganzerla, Annette Sganzerla, Denise Irwin, Elsa Sganzerla, Paul Sganzerla. Back row: Emma Sganzerla, Robbie Sganzerla, Robbie Ghidella, Bronya Ghidella, Christopher Irwin, Mandy Irwin, Nikki Rowsell, Kevin Rowsell, Zoe Rowsell, Anthony Rowsell, Jordan Garner, Liza Czeszek.

After the three-month boat trip, the family settled straight away in Babinda, where they already had relatives who had made the journey to a new life earlier.

They stayed, and three generations later, Elsa reached the amazing milestone of 100 years young in August.

For becoming a centenarian, Elsa received a congratulatory message from the Queen.

She now has the title of being both the “oldest resident in Babinda district” and the “longest resident of Babinda”.

Over the 99 years of living in Babinda, she had three children - Denise, David and Paul.

Elsa also has seven grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren with number 16 due in January.

Elsa celebrated her special day with all three of her children, as well as other family members - both grandchildren and great-grandchildren - some of whom still live in Babinda.

Others travelled from Mt Isa and Brisbane to be there for the grand occasion.

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