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4 December, 2020

Caring for our pets this Christmas

We dearly love our animals, and at Christmas we are tempted to spoil them.

By Peter McCullagh

The RSPCA believe we should leave the dressing up to humans and leave our pets alone.

Dressing pets in costumes can cause distress and stress in our pets, restricting their movement.

Obvious signs of discomfort that your pet might show when dressed up include difficulty moving normally (including ‘freezing’) and signs of anxiety such as panting, lip licking, or showing the white of their eye (also called whale eye). If the pet is trying or struggling to remove the costume, they are uncomfortable, and you should remove the clothing immediately. 

While some dogs may tolerate simple costumes, cats generally aren’t okay with being dressed up at all. So if you have a cat, think about other ways to have fun with them this holiday season.

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