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25 September, 2020

Capturing the colours of the north

“Coconut Shores”, a new exhibition by local artist Jenn Payne will be shown at Mission Beach Community Arts Centre from October 2 to 13 2020.

13 2020. On display will be Jenn’s tropical series, a collection of beaches, flora, fauna and people. Her style is unmistakable with vibrant colours, bold brushstrokes and a confident approach. 

These works capture the beautiful and unique coastal region of the far north. Jenn has a natural gift for observation and an ability to interpret her subject matter with creativity and freshness. Her paintings encourage us to pause and think about the tropical north and how Australian cultural imagery is grounded in bright tropical paintings. This is confirmed in the bursts of colour in Jenn’s works that typify Australian light, summer and lifestyle. 

Jenn Payne was born in Melbourne but fell in love with tropical Queensland tropics many years ago. Her love for painting and weaving began in 1982 after meeting two Australian major artisans, Noel Wood and Bruce Arthur on Dunk Island. 

Settling in the Mission Beach mainland in 1985 she worked on a local tourist boat before earning a Skipper’s ticket which deepened her respect for the ocean as well as marine life particularly fish and the Great Barrier Reef. She was one of the first lady captains in the North with a ship’s master of 24 metres.

‘I fell in love with boats and the sea so I bought my own small yacht and sailed around the islands on my days off. I present unique aspects in artwork which is a combination of both underwater scenes and land form.’ Jenn stated, ‘I photograph my own work and then I artistically interpret the beautiful essence of each scene. 

Painting is important to me and each work expresses the joy and spontaneity of tropical island and mainland life.’ Jenn opened her own private gallery in 2020 and buyers are invited to view her collection. 

She featured in the Australian Artist Magazine in 2010 and many of her works are held in private collections worldwide. The Mission Arts Centre at MARCS Park is open 10am till 2pm. 

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