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28 November, 2020

Be Your Own Hero

Getting the chance to delve deep inside the mind of one of the region’s most accomplished women is a rare opportunity.

By Nicole Gibson

However, that is exactly what Lesley Van Staveren’s debut book Be Your Own Hero does.

In Be Your Own Hero Lesley shares very personal and challenging situations she has faced, taking readers from her childhood to where she is today.

She then provides the tools and techniques she learnt to overcome them, heal and go onto to forge a successful, fulfilling life.

Be Your Own Hero delivers a life-coaching style program that speaks to the foundations of a person’s development, addressing core themes such as learned behaviours, feelings of inadequacy, making mistakes, personal power and self-acceptance.

Each chapter focuses on a central theme and is broken up into three sections. Lesley starts by providing context to each theme guiding readers through the problems, causes and effects.

She then asks them to make it meaningful to their personal situation by reflecting on a series of questions.

The final section of each chapter talks to solutions, tools and advice, detailing Lesley’s own experiences in a real and relatable way and providing clear pathways for change for the reader.

Where some self-help books can fail is by offering impractical advice or false hope that often leaves the reader feeling worse about themselves. However, the steps outlined in Be Your Own Hero are easy to understand, achievable, realistic and most importantly, empowering.

Lesley’s compassionate and inspiring text includes takeaway lines like: “know your worth”, “own your mistakes” and “draw personal boundaries and do not compromise.”

One thing the book makes abundantly clear is success in any area of life, be it relationships, business or finance, can be learned and is within everyone’s reach provided they have the right tools and are prepared to do the work.

Be Your Own Hero is a book that seeks to effect real and lasting change and a must-have guide book for anyone who has ever thought “there must be a better way.”

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