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30 July, 2021

Community Connect: An Opportunity not wasted

EFFECTIVE 1 August, the management of Cassowary Coast landfills, transfer stations, and weighbridges, as well as the receipt and transportation of wet waste to a landfill outside of our region will be managed by Council staff, saving contractor fees and allowing the organisation to more effectively adjust its service levels to community needs.

Waste management is the third most expensive operational service, costing approximately $8.8 million per year to the ratepayer. By bringing waste management in-house, by the second year of operation, the Council is expecting to save ratepayers money in disposal fees and levies.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Mayor Mark Nolan said with 100% of control over our waste facilities we can reduce operating costs and implement new practices that improve the service we are offering to the community.

“As Council brings waste management in-house, all facilities will experience a change in operating hours, with some of the transfer stations being open on more days and for longer hours.

“There are future plans to automate the Bells Creek and Cardwell Facilities with these changes to be announced in the coming months.

Chair of Waste Management and Innovation Councillor Teresa Millwood said Council has a strong stance towards waste avoidance and is continuing to improve the educational programs and community participation.

“Council is committed to reducing waste from entering landfill and will continue to implement educational strategies that encourage recycling, reusing and composting.

“The public can play a strong part in the reduction of waste and CCRC hopes that through continued education, focused on shifting habits, we can reduce landfill in 2021-2022,” said Councillor Millwood.

To find out more about changes to waste in 2021-2022 visit or call Council on 1300 763 903.

Investing in the future

The coming year will see a significant capital investment in upgrading all waste facilities in the Cassowary Coast.

  • $912,000 to increase the size, usability and safety of the Mission Beach Transfer Station
  • $1.97 million on Stotters Hill to increase capacity.
  • $150,000 on Tully landfill including an upgrade of $50,000 to the recycling area.

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