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21 June, 2022

Alpaca Paradise in Babinda

LOCATED 10 minutes outside Babinda is an upcoming gem!

By Isabella Bostock

Babinda Rainforest Farm and Alpacas offers private Meet and Greet sessions with their stunning alpacas: December Rose, Tabitha, Nevarda, Stokel, Priaka and Tanner. 

Australia is home to the world’s second-largest alpaca industry and is still growing. 

Not only are they great commercially because of their fleece, but they are also naturally curious and docile, and as herd animals, alpacas, much like people, value companionship. 

Animal lovers Michelle and Norm Harris have been at their farm for just 12 months and, in that time, have curated a collection of loveable alpacas and ostentatious poultry. 

Their 80-acre property is naturally beautiful, featuring a crystal-clear creek, expansive rainforest, and a cascading waterfall. 

They knew this little piece of paradise was just too special to keep to themselves, so they set out to share it with the world. 

There is all sorts of entertainment for everyone, Michelle offers regular Mindfulness in Nature sessions with a nature walk and guided meditation for mindfulness enthusiasts. 

However, the main attraction are the alpacas. During an Alpaca Meet and Greet, visitors will get the opportunity to learn about alpacas and feed them treats while taking in the tranquillity of the rainforest. 

Each child who participates in a session will receive an info pack and can purchase a souvenir from the Pop-Up Paca Shop. 

The alpaca meet and greets are open to individuals, families, schools and community groups. 

So next time you are looking for something to do, consider giving Michelle and Norm a ring and book in for a Meet and Greet with their alpaca family. 

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