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10 June, 2021

All good food for thought

After battling depression and anxiety in his youth, local entrepreneur Sam Butler dreamed of starting a business which would help those struggling with mental health issues.

Allgood Nutrition founders Drew Brauer and Sam Butler.

Now that dream has become reality. He has joined forces with local singing star and founder of mental health charity ‘Kick On’, Drew Brauer, and together they have founded health food business ‘Allgood Nutrition.’

They have pledged to donate half of all profits to mental health causes, particularly in the local Cairns community.

Last year the dynamic duo used their business profits to donate $500 to a local woman who was struggling to raise her siblings after the death of their mother, and $500 to a local family who lost everything in a house fire.

They also ran a campaign where all profits from orders during a 24-hour period went to charity ‘Inclusive Kids,’ which helped purchase school shoes for local disadvantaged youth.

They also run ‘Allgood chats,’ a mental-health focused show on their Instagram Live every Wednesday evening at 7pm.

Mr Butler said he became passionate about helping others after going through a “tough time” as a kid.

“My Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and that sent me into depression and anxiety,” he said.

“I used exercise and nutrition as a way to keep my head above water.

“You need to attack it from multiple angles, which includes getting help, speaking to people and finding out the root cause, as well as exercise and diet.

“I couldn’t find supplements that had all the ingredients I found most helpful, so that started me on my journey of creating my own nutrition brand.”

The resulting products are unique plant-based, natural supplements made in Australia from ingredients like gold hemp and gold pea protein, natural nootropics such as Lion’s Mane mushrooms, and natural adaptogens such as ashwagandha.

“Other brands focus on ‘looking good,’ and their marketing focuses on using sexy bikini models to promise that the product will make you look a certain way,” said Mr Butler.

“As mental health advocates, we don’t believe in focusing on looks, because looks aren’t what lead to real happiness. Our brand is unique in that it focuses on holistic mind and body wellbeing.

“People often don’t eat a wide enough variety of plants, and these products make it easier to include a range of healthy foods in your diet, plus they are delicious!”

Mr Butler also works full time at Cobham Aviation Services in border security and search and rescue.

Since being founded just ten months ago, Allgood Nutrition is now available in more than 60 retail shops around the country including ten stores in Cairns.

“We’re a small local business, up against huge supplement companies who can drop millions on marketing a single product, but we don’t want to use multi-level marketing or ‘sex sells’ strategies,” said Mr Butler.

“Our focus is on quality and mental health advocacy and we don’t want to compromise that.”

Allgood Nutrition products are available at health food shops throughout Cairns and Australia, and also at, and you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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