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6 November, 2020

A very tropical Halloween

Last Saturday night brought the ghouls and superheroes out in full force, in a series of organic community events across the suburbs of Cairns.

By Lisa Christensen

Many Australians object to Halloween seeing it as an appropriation of an American tradition, however it is European in origin, from the pagan celebration of All Hallows night. Belief and myths of the supernatural kind are common to many cultures. 

Australian Indigenous history features mysticism and spooks with hairy men, quinkins and junjurries; little mischievious spirits who steal car keys and even thoughts.

But as clearly seen on the weekend, there are many who support Halloween, with some neighbourhoods now renowned in the community for their enthusiasm.

“Redlynch was pretty good, but Edge Hill has got great stuff!” said excited trick-or-treater Keo Dietrich, 12.

COVID safety was no dampener on the enthusiasm, with sweet offerings changed to individually wrapped and some serving these with tongs, and a plastic gloved Captain Jack Sparrow even put on a sausage sizzle.

In an age where fewer children are to be seen on the streets it is refreshing to see families walking around neighbourhoods, cheerfully chatting with neighbours they might otherwise never interact with.

“We make our own tradition around it and it’s not just about the lollies,” said mother and Day of the Dead enthusiast, Bre Capell at OK Sushi in Edge Hill. “We get all dressed up and hit the streets for an hour or so before finishing up here. The kids have a ball and so do we.”

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