Community Events

U3A Guest Speaker @ Brothers Leagues Club

  28th Mar, 2024 1pm-3pm
  Brothers Leagues Club

Dr Glenn Fulford- Feared Diseases in History

This is a series of talks about some of the most feared diseases in history. The talks are a mixture of biology, medical science, and history. Each talk focuses on a disease and examines some current controversies and aims to update some possible misconceptions. Each talk (after the first one) starts with a general description of the medical aspects of the disease, then where the disease came from, and it impacts on history, finally ending up with the current status of the disease today. Each talk is aimed at 50 minutes to 1 hour.


Location:  Brother’s Leagues Club, tea and coffee included.

Cost $5 non-members, $3 U3A members 

 March 28th: Glenn Fulford - Feared Diseases in History 

U3A Guest Speaker @ Brothers Leagues Club