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4 February, 2021

Getting Business Soaring

Far North Queensland business owners can now have a marketing advantage with the release of a new marketing course specifically designed for small and medium business owners.

This online self-paced course has been developed by Vanessa Allen, Director of ADhesive Communication using both her formal education and training and combining this with 25 years real world experience.  This course has been in development for 5 years and now includes the essentials for the digital media world too.

The marketing landscape is changing all the time and business owners now have so many choices when it comes to media and marketing options.  Trial and error can be very costly.  The SUMMMIT Marketing Course is designed to help business owners understand marketing fundamentals and media options to give them the knowledge to create a strategy with all the essential elements required to grow their business.

“Jigsoar Media is providing the building blocks for long-term business success by teaching small and medium business owners the piece-by-piece approach to building successful marketing campaigns.  We’ve used our marketing industry experience to refine the most important marketing pieces.” said Vanessa Allen, Chief Puzzle Solver at Jigsoar Media.

“This course is specifically designed for small and medium businesses as I believe they are the backbone of strong communities.” said Ms Allen.

SMEs represent over 97% of businesses state-wide, and employ approximately 44% of all private sector workers and contribute around $120 billion per year to the Qld economy according to the Qld Gov 2019-20 ‘State of Small Business’ report.

“We know business owners are busy so we’ve included maximum information while keeping the time invested to a minimum of an hour or two over 2 months.”

Students get to work with the Jigsoar Media team weekly for 2 months while they complete their course.

“I want to say this course is not hard so I don’t scare people off, but you really have to put the work in to get the results out.  This will become part of building and growing your business, and that takes work and a healthy dose of passion.” said Ms Allen.

“It’s easy and common for even the most experienced marketers to gloss over the basics and lose touch with the fundamentals of good marketing.  A good training course is rooted in these principles” said Hana Abaza, director of Marketing at Shopify Plus.

When you invest in training you grow with your business, you stay ahead of the market, can make the most of opportunities and keep ahead of your competition.

When you have strong marketing building blocks you have the right foundations for a profitable business.  This is not a quick fix lead generation technique.  This is marketing knowledge you’ll use for life.

If you have a small or medium business and are ready to grow, marketing is the right step, just go to the website

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