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5 August, 2021

Driving success

FOR some jobseekers, having a driver’s licence is a pre-requisite for employment.

By Wilma Stevens

Cairns local Darnell Creed-Way

Cairns local Darnell Creed-Way discovered the importance of having a driver’s license when he was job searching.

A new Learner Driver Program setup by Vocational Partnership Group Inc. (VPG) was instrumental in Darnell achieving both goals, finding employment as well as obtaining his driver’s license.

The VPG program provides jobseekers engaged in VPG’s youth transition programs an opportunity to access supervised driving lessons so they can work towards achieving their provisional license.

The local not-for-profit organisation has joined forces with Cairns Truck Schools to deliver a Learner Driver Program that provides young jobseekers access to funded driving lessons.

The program helped Darnell secure employment and an apprenticeship with Cairns Diesel Service.

Darnell explains “I got my license quicker through the program, I received 7 hours of driving lessons which equates to 21 hours towards my logbook”.

“I had previous work experience in retail and customer service, and I was looking for a change, I wanted to get a trade, together we researched the company and role to make sure I was well prepared, giving me the confidence I needed to go for the job”.

Managing Director at Cairns Diesel Service, Travis Briffa said “the program allowed him to secure a motivated talent who can fulfill their recruitment needs”.

He explained “VPG put forward some great candidates, and we chose 19-year-old Darnell based on his attitude and willingness to learn”.

“Darnell was working towards his P’s and knowing VPG was going to continue supporting him with lessons once he started with us, was reassuring and gave us the confidence in our staffing choice”.

“Young people have to start somewhere, and this opportunity definitely helped Darnell get his foot in the door”.

Before starting his employment with Cairns Diesel Services, Darnell explains “I had no experience in this area before this job, so it’s been a great opportunity to grow my skills and work towards a qualification”.

“I started out as a trades assistant and worked my way up to an apprenticeship as an engineering trades person specialising in diesel fuel injection”.

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