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12 August, 2020

10 Most Powerful Words

Words are powerful, words create, build and live long after the event has passed. Effective communication is all about being understood, and succinctly conveying a clear, unambiguous message,

Consider some of the the great communicators of our day….

Ours is not to reason why……” – J F Kennedy

I did but see her passing by….” – Sir Robert Menzies

I have a dream……” – Martin Luther King

Scumbag……” – Paul Keeting

how dare you” – Greta Thunberg

Language is evocative; it paints a word picture in our minds building emotion, thoughts and gains a response from you or others.

1.) YOU

Now that makes it personal, you would agree?

Research constantly shows that the word you, is the most powerful word to use in marketing copy. Using it in headlines speaks directly to the reader. After all, it is all about you.


We are all looking for solutions, answers to our problems and questions.

Results are what we seek, using the word results, or even, proven results speaks volumes and starts to address some of the fundamental reasons why we are shopping or web surfing.


Health and wellbeing are important personal motivators.. Using health within a headline is a guaranteed attention grabber.


This is a tick of approval, the statement that this will work.

No mistakes here, this is guaranteed to make you sit up and take notice. Using the word guarantee, reassures the reader that they are not making a mistake, this is tried and tested and they will love the results.


We all like to be pioneers, adventurous by nature, and discover captures our sense of curiosity and can deliver additional customers to your business. Discover the proven benefits of…

6.) LOVE

An all-time favourite. What won’t we do for love? Love plays upon the emotions, creates a strong tangible connection between your statement and the thoughts and emotions of the reader.

You will love the results……


Closely related to our other top words, results, and guarantee, proven represents security and trust in the minds of the reader. Proven reduces your customers fear of mistake, if it worked for them, it will work for me


In keeping with health, safety is all about personal well-being as well as a sense of quality and enduring strength for your product and services

9.) SAVE

It’s hard enough to earn it, we want to save it as well.

Many times it’s not the final price that is critical; it’s how much you save. Save is best expressed in terms of dollars and not percentages. Save $50 is easier to understand than 25% off the original price of $200.

10.) NEW

Very similar to discover. New is all about seeking a different approach, a new way to save, a new product with guaranteed results. We like to tell others about something new we have found, a new restaurant, new product, new way to… .

These ten words are powerful, when used in advertising, brochures, websites or speech; they speak directly to us, involving us in an evocative way.

Use them and see the difference.

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