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30 May, 2024

BT-50 ute upgraded for ‘24

A RAFT of enhancements has broadened the Mazda BT-50’s appeal as a go-anywhere tourer or 4WD track companion.

By Nick Dalton

The Mazda BT-50 range now includes a GT dual-cab model with more equipment and styling tweaks.
The Mazda BT-50 range now includes a GT dual-cab model with more equipment and styling tweaks.

The addition of a ‘Rough Terrain Mode’ fitted on all 4x4 model grades, involves BT-50’s traction control when off-roading for greater management and precision in difficult conditions.

“Engaged via a separate button located next to the gear shifter, rough terrain mode will modulate throttle and brake inputs instantaneously when it senses the ute coming off idle, therefore intervening before wheel spin can occur to transfer torque to the wheels with most traction without any delay,” a Mazda Australia spokesman said .

“The new mode works in harmony with the locking rear differential and hill descent control fitted as standard to all four-wheel drive variants, ensuring exceptional traction and dependability on even the harshest tracks.”

The dual-cab chassis layout can now also be ordered in GT specification for the first time on a BT-50. It builds on the XTR model grade with its LED headlamps, dual-zone climate control, 9in touchscreen and leather-bound steering wheel and gear knob, with chrome-finished heated exterior mirrors, heated front seats, brown leather seat trim and a remotely-controlled start function,  via the key fob. “Our comprehensively specified GT model grade brings with it a number of welcome extras that provide added comfort and refinement for the driver and occupants, while the ‘blank canvas’ of the cab-chassis opens up endless options for customisation at the rear,” said Mazda Australia managing director Vinesh Bhindi.

“Putting the two together gives our customers yet another opportunity to fulfill their favourite pursuits and live the ‘You Do Ute’ philosophy.”

Another useful upgrade applicable to XTR models and above is the ability for accessories such as lights and the audio system to remain powered after engine shut-off, ensuring extra convenience when setting up camp or pausing during extended road trips. 

Elsewhere, XS and XT models also now gain auto relock functionality for added convenience and peace of mind – a feature already fitted as standard on XTR models and above with advanced keyless entry.

Pricing remains the same across the board, with the exception of the BT-50 SP model, which increases by $30.

Additionally, the BT-50 XT dual cab pick-up 4x4 manual and SP dual cab pickup 4x4 auto currently offer driveaway pricing for ABN holders, as part of the Mazda EOFY driveaway event – with 12 months registration, CPT insurance, stamp duty, and other applicable charges included from $49,990 and $64,670 respectively.


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