24 June, 2021

Apudthama Brothers win Island of Origin

A FOOTBALL carnival is always going to draw a big and passionate audience no matter where its played. But if it’s held on Badu Island in the Torres Straits and billed as Island of Origin, it’s going to be the biggest event for the month in town.

By Peter McCullagh

Keanu Nona from the Balemore Broncos
Keanu Nona from the Balemore Broncos

Last weekend Dhadhin Geai Warriors hosted the annual Island of Origin competition at Joe Mairu Memorial Oval on Badu Island. Almost 200 of the best local Cape and Island rugby league players took part in the weekend carnival.

Six teams competed with preliminary qualifying games held on the Friday and Saturday before knock-out semis on the Sunday morning before an afternoon grand final.

The winning Island of Origin team, Apudthama Brothers dropped only one game in the tournament, before running out victorious over the Balemore Broncos 38-12 in the final.

Windsor Bowie, still mourning the passing of his father played some of his best rugby league to lead the Apudthama Brothers to victory.

The solidly-built outside back was the NPA side’s player of the tournament according to coach Tetsuo Nakachi.

Balemore Broncos won their round match against Apudthama on Friday, but Brothers bounced back to win the next six straight games.

The Goemu Bau Raiders and Arkai Brothers were knocked out in the semi-finals, while Roxin Eagles and Badu United missed out on the playoffs.

Each team comprised of up to 30 players, with a maximum of 25 players to be used in each game. The weekend tested the fitness of all players with short turnaround times between games and multiple games on each day.

QRL officials praised the players and spectators for their behaviour and sportsmanship.


Round Results (Friday and Saturday)

Arkai Brothers 26 d Badu United 0

Goemu Bau Raiders 34 d Roxin Eagles 8

Balemore Broncos 16 d Apudthama Brothers 12

Goemu Bau Raiders 18 d Badu United

Arkai Brothers 12 d Balemore Broncos 10

Apudthama Brothers 18 d Roxin Eagles 6

Balemore Broncos 24 d Badu United 8

Apudthama Brothers 24 d Goemu Bau Raiders 6

Roxin Eagles 18 d Arkai Brothers 12

Arkai Brothers 16 d Goemu Bau
Raiders 4

Apudthama Brothers 42 d Badu United 6

Balemore Broncos 28 d Roxin Eagles 0

Apudthama Brothers 24 d Arkai
Brothers 10

Roxin Eagles 30 d Badu United 6

Balemore Broncos 14 d Goemu Bau Raiders 4

Semi Finals (Sunday)

Apudthama Brothers 18 d Goemu Bau Raiders 4

Balemore Broncos 26 d Arkai Brothers 16

Grand Final (Sunday)

Apudthama Brothers 38 d Balemore Broncos 12


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