15 October, 2021

A selection of the texts and letters to the editor this week

Letters and Texts Friday October 15, 2021

By Reader Submission

A selection of the texts and letters to the editor this week - feature photo


Warren from Cairns, Are you for real? Cut down more trees? Seriously. The last thing we need is for a rampant logging industry again. We need to investigate alternative building ideas, not stick to the outdated traditional.

I think we have conclusive proof that global warming is real, your brain is fried.

MARK J,  Cairns



Pay no attention to SkyNews, particularly not to Andrew Bolt’s whiskey tears for Berejiklian and other NSW politicians.  After producing a COVID death rate of sixty per million they want Queensland, with one per million, to follow their plans.  Bluntly these NSW people are not top notch.

SEAN M,  Clifton Beach



Well done on a sensible editorial regarding daylight saving. Unfortunately, you will be attacked by the ‘backward-brigade’ who cannot cope with change. Let business decide if they need daylight saving to ensure they can continue to do business easily with the southern states.

If business needs the clock changed to assist them to remain competitive, then we must do it.

JADE W, Redlynch



Until we have adequate border controls between NSW and QLD we should not be flying tourists from the Gold Coast.

NSW is out of control with COVID, and we do not want it up here.

NANCY F, Edmonton



Try finding a restaurant that will accept a table booking for 8:30 at night. There’s none in Cairns. Their kitchens all start to shut down at 9pm. Can restaurants please cater for diners who wish to head out for dinner after 8pm, please.  

WILLIAM T, Bungalow



I’m a little disappointed today. Where is the sport? Why did your editor placed ads on the back page? I could not find your paper today at Stockland, it was upside down and I did not realise it was your paper. Fortunately, the lovely lady did let me know, but otherwise I would have missed it. Please put sport back on the back please.

M JONES, Cairns



Shame on council for wanting to remove the fig tree from the library. Are they trying to appease the owner of two hotels in the area? These trees are the breeding ground for the bats. Leave the bats alone. They were here long before the hotels.

BEV R, Cairns



With boring monotony daylight saving that began as four months a year but is now six months long is again under discussion.

How often do people have to be reminded that children are a major consideration in this debate?

Cityits have no understanding of school children living in country areas.

During DS trials these children as young as year one and prep had to find their way to the bus pick up points with torches on country roads.

Daylight in the tropics is stable throughout the year - with DS time that extra hour is in darkness in the morning when all are forced to be up and about. Totally unfair to kids at both ends of the day.

Farmers work to daylight hours, so they come in an hour later in the PM.

This leads to later dinners and kids getting to bed an hour later.

Americans are much cleverer than Aussies at coping with numerous time zones in their country.

What is wrong with those who insist they need DS changing their business hours from 8am to 4pm instead of the normal 9am till 5pm? Then they can leave work at 4pm and “enjoy”that very hot extra hour for themselves.

Initiate your own way to cope but don’t bully the major demographic of Queensland that understands the geography.

Queensland does not need or want Daylight Saving

BJ, Tolga



I am astounded by the number of people who have miraculously gained specialty degrees in medicine and science in less than two years. Gosh, I hope they’ve all paid their HECS fees. I now anticipate an announcement regarding the inaugural Nobel Prize for Irresponsibility and Irrationality.

SUE,Edge Hill



I’m finding it difficult to buy Not Made in China. Chain stores in particular are guilty of not providing enough options.

I needed a new extension cord. I was told Australia makes cords but nary a store provides them. I called to Soaps Electrical in Kurrimine Bch and had one made with Australian cord and plugs from Vietnam (a country not threatening us). I bought two while I could. It cost a bit extra, but it is possible.

The consumer has more power than they realise. So instead of using that power to bully shop staff, how about folks use it to oust China from our homes. It takes research and a wait sometimes, but it can be done. Understandably not in all cases but it’s worth trying our best.

N MCGRATH, Bombeeta



We must face the reality; the new stadium in Townsville is already a white elephant. With a capacity of more than 27,000 the stadium is barely attracting 50 per cent capacity for Cowboy’s home games.

Yes, they did host some national and international events, State of Origin, Wallabies Rugby Union, but did they attract these events on merit, or due to COVID?

So, in a post COVID world the new stadium in Townsville, $250 million in cost would be a total white elephant. Only a few extra events, a rock concert or so and 50 per cent capacity for the Cowboys.

So, is it really worth the expense?

Should Cairns rush headlong into pitching for and building a new stadium?

Can we have a real business case put together?

When the CDRL can attract bigger crowds to their games at Barlow Park than the Pride attract, we need to be realistic, take the Pride out of the equation. They should not be a driving factor in whether we build a stadium, as they have the pulling power and crowd appeal of a coughing man in a lift.

We need to review just what regular events we can attract, what special events we will attract and then cut our clothe to match demand.

Building it, and they will come is not the way forward. Our civic leaders need to stop talking about the emotion of the project and concentrate on the reality, the cold hard economic reality.

If they do that, I know this stadium will not be built, because it is not needed.

MORRIS, Cairns North


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