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1 October, 2021

Wayne’s World: 86 sleeps to go… Ho, Ho, Ho.

G’DAY Tropicairnsians,

By Wayne Marshall

All those who have suffered as a result of the severe trauma of knowing me, will agree with one fact about my new life.

As I slowly regress into absolute senility, friends will know that I remain completely fascinated with Christmas.

I mean, how many people do you know will eagerly wait to get hold of the new year calendar, so they can commence the countdown to Christmas for the next year with a big red permanent marker.

Welcome to my world; with the wonderful Christmas yuletide festival that excites kids of all ages, especially ME!

 I have been apparently annoying everyone with my counting down of the sleeps to Christmas since last Boxing Day.

Imagine my excitement, last week, my new big red suit arrived in the mail. I’m blessed to have Diane and Joy, two lovely ladies who have volunteered to reconfigure it to fit this short fat body.

I was like a kid with a fist full of $50s in a lolly shop, when I walked into the big green box and, you bloody ripper and Ho, Ho, Ho, there right beside check out 10 was the most beautiful sight... Christmas trees, decorations, statues, and lights.

Not just a few of them, there are bloody heaps to get your imagination up and running, to give you better odds than chasing a goanna up a tree to win the best house in the street Christmas display.

  Even before this display was set up, right around the warehouse and indeed also around shopping centres and the city, I hear kids and parents yelling and pointing “look, there’s Santa” or “hey kids, is that Santa” which always brings a huge smile on my dial as I wave my hands and give a jolly Ho, Ho, Ho, and getting hugs or high 5s.

I know some people will gasp and protest that these type of close contact actions are COVID unsafe!!

Please rest assured, this year I have not only had the flu shot but also 2 AstraZeneca jabs and to the other point there is no way I am going to push away smiling happy kids. I can never be that nasty.

 On the subject of the jolly belly rolling in laughter season. Have you been considering doing your shopping early with all the media warnings about present supply shortages, or the mail delivery problems getting highlighted about strikes or staff shortages because Santa can only carry and drop off a small amount toys.

How about really looking at local products, but more importantly, presents that do not require batteries, like Lego blocks, or getting away from plastic, even better, check out wooden toys with an enormous range made by our local talented craft people that can be seen at the many markets on the weekends right around our beautiful region.

It’s a fantastic way for the family to spend the day bonding, while breathing in our clean fresh tropical air, getting some healthy exercise and supporting our local communities. And don’t forget that you can taste some yummy, fantastic treats that are on offer as well and great coffees too.

 Alright, I know it is a long way off yet, but crikey if you are gunna get excited over something, then I could not think of a bigger, better, and red goes 10% faster event to jump up and down for.

P.S: Remember, he likes fresh homemade cookies, a glass of full cream milk and do not forget juicy carrots for Rudolph and his cohorts.


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