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5 August, 2021

Super Quiz

Can you master this week’s Super Quiz. 30 questions designed to baffle the best.

By Peter McCullagh

1.      Name the Australian advertising entrepreneur responsible for authoring the book, ‘Rip Van Australia’ in 1977.

2.      Name the longest running Australian radio serial.

3.      In the 1950s the British government and military tested nuclear weapons in Australia, where was the test site?

4.      In what year did the Australian government enact the Native Title Act?

5.      Who was the Prime Minister of the day?

6.      If someone is feeling discombobulated, they are feeling: a. confused, b. excited, c. angry, d. betrayed?

7.      If you are suffering from trypanophobia you have a fear of what?

8.      What is the chemical symbol for silver?

9.      With sales of more than 47 million copies, what is the largest selling record album of all times?

10.  The Indian Pacific train line connects Perth to which east coast city?

11.  Name the Australian explorers who first crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813.

12.  If you were camped in Foul Bay, where in Australia are you?

13.  Australian poet Banjo Paterson was born in what NSW regional town?

14.  Steven Marshall is premier of which Australian State?

15.  In what year did the Chernobyl nuclear accident occur?

16.  The Rocky franchise of movies consisted of how many movies?

17.  In what year did the Sydney Harbour Bridge open?

18.  What is the British equivalent of vegemite?

19.  Which animal is Rottnest Island famous for?

20.  Who was the first Australian Aboriginal person to win an individual Olympic gold medal?

21.  When did Canberra become the capital city?

22.  In which state is “Red Dog” set?

23.  Who is the only Australian who won the Nobel Prize for literature?

24.  If someone is accused of perfidiousness, they are guilty of what?

25.  If something is said to be egregious it is said to be, shocking, amazing, a lie or flattery?

26.  Which Australian song mentions “eating a vegemite sandwich”?

27.  In which country did the Battle of Gallipoli happen?

28.  Australia is home to the largest cattle station in the world. What is it called?

29.  In which fictional town is “Home and Away” set?

30.  Which meringue-based dessert was invented in honour of a Russian Ballerina?




1. John Singleton, 2. How Green is my Cactus (35 years), 3. Maralinga, South Australia, 4. 1993, 5. Paul Keating, 6. Confused, 7. Needles and injections, 8. Ag, 9. Thriller – Michael Jackson, 10. Sydney, 11.  Gregory Blaxland, William Charles Wentworth and William Lawson, 12. Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, 13. Orange, 14. South Australia, 15. 1986,  16. Nine, 6 x Rocky and 3 x Creed (Creed III will be released November 2022), 17. 1932, 18. Marmite, 19. Quokka, 20. Cathy Freeman,  21.  1909, 22. Western Australia, 23. Patrick White, 24. Disloyalty, 25. Shocking, 26.  Down Under – Men at Work, 27. Turkey, 28. Anna Creek 24000 km2, 29. Summer Bay, 30. The Pavlova.



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