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1 April, 2021

Gazzas Goss - Look up, you could be missing a FAB world out there

Three exciting stories all from the Douglas Shire.


Look up please - it's time to get off your phones

Mobile Phones are a very useful tool in many ways…. texting, emails, photos, paying online bills, EFTPOS transactions, plus video calls and the good old fashioned normal phone call. There are many useful Apps for work and home.… your phone can even become be a spirit level.

The likes of Apple who manufacture iPhones and Samsung, who are well and truly in bed with Google, want to rule the world…… and some day they probably will. They control what we do with our phones and should we lose our Apple or Google password, this expensive device, on which our whole life depends, will become a very stylish glass frisbee…. never mind the 4000 irreplaceable photos lost.

Other than making sure our passwords are inscribed on a tablet of stone, we can’t really control the direction the communications industry is taking us. We can, however, stop these machines from completely controlling our lives… and that is to simply put them down, look upwards and appreciate the paradise in which we live.

I go for an early run most mornings and it’s a pleasure because we live in one of the most idyllic locations on the planet. But in amongst my gasps for oxygen, it’s not difficult to spot the many individuals looking down at their slabs of glass.

Firstly, there’s the fact that your head weighs about same amount as a watermelon and certainly won’t help your spine.

But come on guys……… Mountain bikers video calling, power walkers Facebooking, dog walkers texting, push chair pushers googling instead of conversing with their young passenger, even golfers duffing their shot because the device in their pocket just vibrated. 

Most are oblivious to their beautiful surroundings, missing the opportunity to step off of life’s tread mill and in some cases putting their lives and others in danger.

It’s time to change the habit, look up from that Smartphone and love your world.

Well for now it’s Gazza signing out but do have a relaxing and safe Easter weekend.

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A Crackerjack of a tournament planned in Mossman


I have been one of those individuals guilty of assuming that bowls is only for the over 70’s and that grey or no hair was compulsory. The membership at Innisfail Bowls Club soon disproved that theory.

Moving a little further north, another fine establishment in the art of lawn sports is the Mossman Bowls Club, with their superb facilities.

This year’s Mossman Corporate Bowls tournament is soon to get underway, with the club looking for friends and work colleagues to form teams representing local businesses and charities.

Each team entrant will become a sponsor of the competition and their branding will be plugged over the duration of the event.

Helping to promote social barefoot bowls, the competition will run midweek over four weeks starting on May 5, with team nominations closing April 30th.

Interested? Contact the Mossman Bowls Club for more details.





Why did the magpie geese cross the road?

Well perhaps the chicken was on COVID lockdown. Or maybe they were grounded from flying because of COVID.

It does not matter why they crossed the road; the key point here is that we love our wildlife here in the mighty Douglas Shire, and if they want to cross the road, well they can.

We have a good news story this week sent to us from Joanne.

She spied a few families of Magpie Geese gathering on one side of the main road into Port Douglas, last Wednesday. Some had older goslings and some goslings were of a younger age.

One ‘Family’ of younger goslings, decided to make their way to the side of the road, with intention to cross to the other side.

The traffic was steady but luckily one driver closest to the entourage, had seen them enter onto the road.

Stopping, thus preventing any further traffic passing. The Magpie Geese family were able to safely cross one lane of the busy road.

Having concerns that the south bound lane had not seen the creatures, Joanne quickly stepped out into the lane and flagged the next driver, to warn of the crossing. Thankfully, this driver had seen and stopped far enough back to create a safe crossing for the family.

A happy tale and who ever said the biggest news scoops were not covered here in Gazza’s Goss.

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