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25 September, 2020

Ninja gymnast

They swing, jump, hang, balance and defy gravity, they are the next generation of Australia’s Ninja Warrior, and they take no prisoners.

By Peter McCullagh

Cairns’ next ninja is Faith Krall, 8 year old from Edmonton and she loves her Ninja Gym Classes. “It’s really cool, we can do heaps of really, really fun stuff,” said Faith. 

Ninja Gym is a challenging, obstacle based gymnastics activity, perfect for children with loads of energy to burn. Lauren Mercer, South Cairns Gymnastics Club’s Recreational Coordinator believes that gymnastics and ninja gym can assist with a child’s development physically, socially and scholastically. 

“The kids develop valuable skills here in our classes. Not just physically, but they also learn social skills such as taking turns, interacting with other children and coaches as well as developing critical skills such as following instructions, improving attention spans and also becoming more task driven. 

“All in all Ninja Gym is great for any child, it’s challenging, rewarding and definitely will challenge them and burn that excess energy,” said Mercer. 

Classes are held at their Bentley Park gym and full details are available on their website, 

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