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23 August, 2020

Cyclists hit the road in the LDI Constructions Criterium - Race 1

Stage 1 of the LDI Constructions Cairns Cycling Criterium was held today (Sunday) in Cairns. Approximately 60 members of Cairns Cycling Club competed over the short one kilometre road course in Bungalow.

By Peter McCullagh

Steve Davies (TWW rider) ahead of eventual winner David Hutton (B Grade)n

Racing conditions were ideal for the event with brilliant skies and very little wind. B Grade was strongly contested with 21 competitors. It was a battle between the Hutton brothers, with David pipping brother Greg for 1st place ion race 1.

B Grade Sprint winner Scott Gavin finished 5th in the race to sit comfortably in 3rd place overall from the day’s racing.

The LDI Constructions Criterium will be held over 4 stages over the coming months. The Cairns Cycle Club has resumed weekly racing after a prolonged layoff due to COVID restrictions.

Cairns Cycling Club President and Race Referee, Richie Bates was pleased with the turn out for today’s event.

“This is the first of 4 races in the LDI Construction Criterium. This road course could be the one used for the Barrier Reef Masters Games early next year.

“ Riders are loving being back on their bikes and we are building up with a focus to the Masters Games next year,” said Bates.

To find out more about Cairns Cycling Club, contact them via their Facebook page.


A Grade.

Race 1 Sprint.

1.       Brandon Hutton

2.       Thomas Beddome

3.       Brian Nesbit

Race 1 Overall.

1.       Luke Azzopardi

2.       Thomas Beddome

3.       Brandon Hutton

4.       Brian Nesbit

5.       Josh Rayner

Race 1 Points

10 Luke Azzopardi

9 Thomas Beddome

8 Brandon Hutton

4 Brian Nesbit

2 Josh Rayner


Women’s A Grade.

Race 1 Sprint.

1.       Petra Anderson

2.       Anita Narula

3.       Megan Pickford

Race 1 Overall.

1.       Petra Anderson

2.       Anita Narula

3.       Megan Pickford

4.       Gerna Thompson

5.       Bianca Grillo

Race 1 Points

13 Petra Anderson

9 Anita Narula

6 Megan Pickford

3 Gerna Thompson

2 Bianca Grillo


Women’s B Grade.

Race 1 Sprint.

1.       Terri Sullivan

2.       Colleen Harisson

3.       Roisin Lyons

Race 1 Overall.

1.       Colleen Harisson

2.       Terri Sullivan

3.       Roisin Lyons

4.       Sam Weterkamp

Race 1 Points

12 Colleen Harisson

10 Terri Sillivan

6 Roisin Lyons

3 Sam Weterkamp


B Grade.

Race 1 Sprint.

1.       Gavin Scott

2.       Mathew Grillo

3.       Matthias Wust

Race 1 Overall.

1.       David Hutton

2.       Greg Hutton

3.       Jim Dorney

4.       Mathew Grillo

5.       Gavin Scott

Race 1 Points

10 David Hutton

7 Greg Hutton

5 Jim Dorney

5 Mathew Grillo

5 Gavin Scott

1 Matthias Wust


C Grade.

Race 1 Sprint.

1.       Matt Mo

2.       Mark Proctor

3.       Peter Craig

Race 1 Overall.

1.       Malcolm Lindsey

2.       Matt Mo

3.       Darren Cousins

4.       Peter Craig

5.       Don Huyser

Race 1 Points

10 Malcolm Lindsey

10 Matt Mo

5 Darren Lindsey

4 Peter Craig

2 Don Huyser

2 Mark Proctor

D Grade.

Race 1 Sprint.

1.       Michael Etherington

2.       Chris Atkins

3.       Tony Nastasi

Race 1 Overall.

1.       Michael Etherington

2.       Chris Atkins

3.       Tony Nastasi

4.       Damien Smith

5.       Jim Larcombe

Race 1 Points

13 Michael Etherington

9 Chris Atkins

6 Tony Nastasi

3 Damien Smith

2 Jim Larcombe



Race 1 Points


13 Chloe Buckley

9 Verety Pickford


13 Liam Scott

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