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4 June, 2021

Letters and texts to the Editor

Letters and Texts to the Editor June 4

By Reader Submission

A selection of readers submissions, Friday June 4, 2021



I write in response to former failed mayor Val Schier’s letter on 28/9.

Maybe if she actually had a vision for the city and region, she wouldn’t have been a one term wonder.

But history shows she was.

Who does our esteemed former mayor think secured the federal government’s funding contribution for Munro Martin Parklands, Cairns Performing Arts Centre, Cairns Tennis Centre, Cairns Basketball, Cairns Hockey, Cairns Netball, Tobruk Pool and the Cairns Gallery Precinct to name just a few.

I also note no one from her beloved Labor/Greens Party has never put forward, or delivered, any coherent policy to drive down insurance prices.

Yet the Morrison Government has announced a $10bn reinsurance pool that will be legislated this year and in effect from 1 July 2022.

I honestly struggled to think of one thing Val delivered for the city apart from rate increases, her self-serving, self-praising book and who could ever forget the “Valcano” proposal.

Our city and region has come along in leaps and bounds over the past decade, and let me assure you, it’s certainly not because of anything Ms Schier did.

Warren Entsch

Federal Member for Leichhardt

PS: Val, when construction starts on the Daintree microgrid, which your beloved Labor Party opposed, later this year, I will certainly extend you an official invitation so you can see for yourself what it’s like to actually deliver something for the community, a concept that history shows was absolutely foreign to you.


Road link threatens wallabies

A Trinity Beach resident for 40 years, I am concerned regarding the effects a sub-arterial road linking Trinity and Kewarra Beaches will have on the local wallaby mob.

The mob have lived here for many generations. Even 20 years ago, the wallabies had a larger area to roam, with development approvals in Trinity/Kewarra Beach area, they are increasingly squeezed into smaller areas.

To locals and tourists, the wallabies are a much loved part of the Trinity/Kewarra landscape.

The wallaby mob is currently approximately 1100. The Agile Project are translocating 400 wallabies, leaving approximately 700 wallabies. Every night and rainy days, a large proportion of these wallabies, up to 200 wallabies a night, move into a safe area east of the Trinity Beach Sporting Precinct to feed.

The exact area slated by CRC to build a sub arterial road! Locals state it’s indisputable this road, projected by P &; E Law to carry up to 6,000 cars a day, will decimate the wallabies. It’s obvious what a very busy road through a wildlife corridor will do to the wildlife.

In 2019/2020, without a link road built through a currently safe wildlife habitat, 844 wallabies were killed on roads locally. With the link road, the number of wallaby deaths will increase exponentially.

A reason for the road by CRC is a shorter, safer route to schools. Many local parents will not use the link road for the school trips, as the high number of injured/dead wallabies will be traumatic for the children.

Tanya Bosnjak, Trinity Beach


Climate change response

Reply to John Pratt – Campaigner for climate action.  Issue May 28, 2021

My view on statements made in the letter titled “‘FNQ Windfarm should never have been vetoed”. 

Windfarms only offer short term employment, no Australian manufacturing, with a life of 20 years, paying for themselves after 15 years, then become a disposal issue.

A coal fired power stations life span is 40 years with long term employment.

Thousands of scientists say there is no threat to climate from fossil fuels.

Australia’s top-grade coal may be cheaper.

Wind industry is subsidised by the Federal Government by about $1 billion p.a. Although fossil fuel is subsidised, it supports coal exports, paying to keep this country afloat and social services for all.

The Government website confirms a clean energy future, strategically and sensibly managed, globally and at home.   

Of the 24 countries in IEA, seven have nuclear, five are the biggest coal/gas users.      

Why are they using school children? Because they are used by adults to persuade the populace. Why aren’t they protesting in China and India re: fossil fuels.

See worlds fossil fuel production.  

“While the contributors don’t necessarily agree on the extent that recent global warming may be affected by human activity, they all share the perspective that any such warming is subject to cycles, and is not unusual in its rate or magnitude, and is not catastrophic.

Refer Dr Peter Ridd, GBR scientist, this website.

Emotional accusative words re: future judgement on us is not helpful. We can be good stewards again of our earth.  website teaches children and us, how!

The world is moving towards a sustainable future without cancelling fossil fuels. We commit suicide as a nation by not using our own fossil fuels while every other country does so.  Why is altruism valid for Australia only?  



Emerald Creek 80 km zone

I can’t believe there is a safe to overtake sign when safe to do so before you get to the Emerald Creek Fuel stop. An accident waiting to happen there at the best of times. With so much traffic on that road I’ve seen many near misses already.

I would have thought 60 km would be safer.

Tanya, Redlynch


State of Origin

Roses are red, Violets are blue

NSW you suck, Ain’t that so true

Wally, Cairns

Well done to the QLD government for getting an Origin in Townsville. We produce sensational footy players in the north and this is justified reward.

Congratulations to Kyle Feldt for making his Origin debut. Another great Tully boy.

NORM, Cairns

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