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10 September, 2021

Water saving tips for your pool

HOME pools are often a welcome reprieve in the heat of the far north wet seasons, but they can also be a major factor in water wastage if not designed with the climate in mind or not adequately maintained.

By David Gardiner

As the need for household water conservation rises along with the growing population of areas in and around Cairns, there are proven measures we can take to save our pool water and keep costs down. There are abundant pool supplies and maintenance businesses in the region if you need their help:


If you have a backyard pool, here are some top tips for saving water:

● A properly fitted pool blanket can stop up to 97 per cent of evaporation. Reduced evaporation also reduces the amount of chemicals required to treat the water

● Check pools for leaks—a tiny leak could result in a large amount of water loss

● Build your pool in an area that is shaded during the hottest parts of the day, or investigate shade coverings over existing pools, such as shade sails. This will reduce evaporation and help you avoid the sun’s harsh rays while you swim 

● Mark the water level of your pool at the skimmer. Check the mark 24 hours later. Your pool should lose no more than three centimetres each day

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