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22 June, 2022


THE Palaszczuk Government released the Local Thriving Communities Action Plan on Monday to support “self-determination, equality and culture” for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Yuendumu, NT Australie, February 15 2020 : Aborigines Warlpiri in the bush. Family, grandmother and granddaughter, after hunting honey ants

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Craig Crawford said the LTC Action Plan is a significant, longterm reform. 

“We recognise that the greatest progress is achieved when First Nations people lead the way,” Mr Crawford said. 

“Traditionally, government has taken a top-down approach to decision making,” he said. 

“The Action Plan we have released is the next significant milestone in the reform journey. 

“It sets out workable solutions underpinned by the principles of self-determination, participation, equality and culture. 

“Local Thriving Communities is a different approach, which draws on the strengths of community and culture, working together with First Nations leaders and communities to co-design and implement reform, and establish Local Decision-Making Bodies.” 

In the Western Cape York Aboriginal township of Mapoon, the LTC approach is demonstrated by the Deadly Youth Leadership & Cultural Program, a holiday program for young people. 

“Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council will receive $165,000 over 12 months for the social reinvestment program,” said Mr Crawford. 

“The program commences in July 2022 with a series of five-day On Country programs and five-day music programs and concludes with a Community Showcase in July 2023, when participants can perform for the community.” 

Local Thriving Communities Joint Coordinating Committee Co-Chair, Waanyi (North Gunnalunja) woman Kelly Barclay applauded the efforts of those involved in developing the Local Thriving Communities Action Plan. 

“It is a plan that shifts ways of thinking, doing, and one that will impact First Nations people within my lifetime, and effect changes for local and state government,’’ she said. 

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