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25 March, 2021

Local and fresh seafood for Easter

WITH Easter approaching one of the first items on the menu will always be the obligatory chocolate bunny or bilby. This year, North Queenslanders are encouraged to add to the top of their list, fresh locally sourced seafood.

By Peter McCullagh

Sean Koch, Manager of Cairns Ocean Products believes there is nothing better for taste and quality than fresh local seafood as well as variety.

“We take pride supporting the local seafood industry. We source our fresh seafood locally from Mourilyan to Cooktown. The industry has taken a beating with COVID, however it means we have great local stock and some of the best seafood for our locals.

“White flesh fish will be on the menu this Easter. Barramundi, coral trout, red emperor and King Threadfin are in good supply and offer best eating in addition to great recipes,” he said.

Seafood from this region is highly prized. The combination of clean, clear water and sustainable fishing practices leads to a high-quality fish desired by restaurants locally and nationally. With good supplies available, consumers can enjoy a seafood culinary extravaganza this Easter.

Beautiful fresh FNQ fish and prawns, ideal for the barbecue or your choice of recipe. There are many ways you can buy your fish, frozen, whole of filleted, whatever best suits your needs would be the guide. Mr Koch feels that with the abundance in high quality fresh seafood in Cairns, fresh is best.

“When buying fish from a counter, if you see a sign that advises you the fish has been thawed, obviously it has been frozen, and it is not recommended that you re-freeze the fillet.

“Cook within a couple of days would be best. Fresh fillets can last up to 5 days if stored correctly and whole fresh fish longer.

“Considering the high quality of our seafood in the north, there’s no reason why your family cannot have a fresh seafood banquet every week, and Easter is the right time to enjoy our beautiful seafood,” he added.

Many of the quality local seafood outlets in town will sell whole fish, cleaned and descaled, allowing you to play with cooking methods and recipes, with the luxury of time at Easter now could the opportunity to become the seafood master chef.

With travel still not high on the agenda and getting away for Easter, locals can expect demand to be high for the best seafood.

Cairns Ocean Products has good stock levels, but don’t wait until Thursday to pick up your seafood, get in early and reel in the best catch, Mr Koch said.

“Spending Easter with family and friends, enjoying some great seafood, that would have to be a typical North Queensland Easter break, with hopefully some pretty good weather.”

Cairns Ocean Products is part of Max Stocks Food Services, a local family owned and operated company servicing the hospitality industry in FNQ for more than 40 years.

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