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25 September, 2020

Coffee and sugar, the two basic food groups

Welcome to the coffee culture. It appears there are more coffee styles than you can poke the proverbial stick at.

By Peter McCullagh

Well in the next few paragraphs hopefully we can explain some of them, and we can all feel more comfortable when we visit that coffee shop with more varieties than an icecream parlour. 

We can start at the most basic. The humble Espresso, also known as the short black. 

This coffee will consist of approximately one ounce of highly concentrated coffee. A real coffee ‘hit’. I enjoy one in the evening after a meal with a splash of Sambuca. 

Obviously Double Espresso is just that. Twice the quantity of a single Espresso. 

Overseas I’m greeted by an Americano. This is similar to the Long Black, that is added water to the short black to make a larger coffee served in a cup or mug. 

The Long Black. This is an Australian and New Zealand creation. Similar to the Americano but with more crema on top. If you love your coffee black but need a hint of milk you would have a Macchiato. 

This is an Espresso with a small amount of milk, perhaps as little as two to four teaspoons of steamed milk to ‘whiten’ the coffee. Now for the classic favourite. 

The humble Cappuccino. A rich creamy coffee traditionally consumed in the morning in Italy. One or two shots of coffee topped with steamed milk and a froth on top to add to the richness and flavour. This can an also be topped with sprinkled chocolate. 

If you’re not a froth and chocolate lover then the Flat White is the one for you. Similar to the Cappuccino, but no froth and chocolate. Wait, there’s still more. 

The Café Latte is next. Cafe lattes are considered to be an introductory coffee drink since the acidity and bitterness of coffee is cut by the amount of milk in the beverage. 

Flavouring syrups are often added to the latte for those who enjoy sweeter drinks. And then we move to the Mocha. It’s a bitsa, a bit of coffee as well as a bit of hot chocolate. 

Rich and creamy and also sweeter. You can lash out and have an Affogato. This is a dessert coffee. Created by pouring a shot of coffee over a scoop of vanilla icecream. 

Definitely one for after a great meal and decadent, mixing two pleasures, dessert and coffee. Now in my research I have found dozens of styles of coffee and I have not even considered what beans we use and we have only listed a few here. Reach out to us here, you coffee-philes and let us know your favourite café or coffee style, you may even want to write a review of your favourite café. 

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