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13 April, 2022


On Sunday 27 March, Feast of the Senses Market Day Extravaganza, Council’s Education Officer and spent the day discussing with the local community ways we can reduce waste entering landfill.

Waste Education at Feast of the Senses

Fast facts from the National and State Food Strategy identifying issues were relayed to 71 community members who came through the stall and provided examples of practical ways each household can AVOID, REUSE and RECYCLE food waste. 

• AVOID: Stickers were provided to the community which label Eat Me First on storage containers in the fridge to help you quickly identify items that need to be consumed ASAP. 

• REUSE: There are many ways people can reuse food scraps, one way – regrow food from seeds, plants bases and stems. 

• RECYCLE: Through a small survey it was identified that composting is the most popular option for people to recycle food scraps. Composting is an effective practise to divert waste entering landfill and return nutrients to our soils. Council encourages the community to take advantage of Council’s Composting Rebate program where residents can claim a $20 rebate for the purchase of a compost bin or worm farm. 

To learn more please visit: 

Insightful conversations were had with the community about ways they reduce waste entering landfill and wanting to learn more about how they can recycle. One couple shared their tips for a DIY in ground worm farm where they used old PVC pipes, drilled holes into them and buried them into their raised gardens. Simple, cheap and a great way to reduce food waste entering landfill. 

Thank you to everyone who stopped in to chat about how we can leave Nothing to Waste in Our Backyard!

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